New Technologies That Can Enhance The Speed Of The Internet

According to the recent finding, Internet services are accessed only to forty percent of the world population. Undoubtedly, being one of the best inventions of the modern era, the Internet connectivity is still growing across the globe. Since the Internet services are still in demand aspects like speed, bandwidth, and other factors still offer some challenges to the engineers and scientists from all parts of the world. In this context, new technologies are emerging in every part of the world in order to improve the connectivity with better and quicker service.

In several countries, attempts are being made to offer better internet connectivity by floating high altitude balloons, which are similar to the gadgets that are used for collecting weather data. Research is going on to introduce solar-powered drones as well as the next generation of advanced wireless routers. These proposed innovations offer higher speeds with more reliability than the existing setups. These attempts are mainly made with a view to make the entire world online.

The popular social medium Facebook comes with a new idea of beaming internet access to all parts of the globe, by using the solar-powered internet-beaming drone. According to the founder, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook with the help of its designers has created a solar-powered drone with a wingspan of the Boeing 747, which is christened as Dubbed Aquila. This drone was on air in 2016 and lasted for more than ninety minutes which is more than the expected time. This program is helping the engineers to work towards the next stage of innovation. Days are not far that Facebook will surely make its drone fly within a hundred miles radius to beam the Internet access wherever needed. Internet services has helped mankind tremendously, making communication easier.

The popular MIT’s Computer science and Artificial Intelligence Lab shortly called as CSAIL has recently made a breakthrough in introducing a new type of wireless Internet that operates three hundred percent faster and twice the bandwidth of the current technology. Named as MegaMIMO 2.0, this innovative gadget uses the multiple transmitters and receives to enhance the amount of data size in a given bandwidth. This new technology can work with better efficiency at the large gatherings where concerts or sports events are taking place. The issue of spectrum crunch will be minimized by using this new technology. It enables to distribute the data differently, and traffic congestion is eliminated. In a simple sense, it offers the faster Wi-Fi which is the need of the hour.

The famous NASA is planning to offer internet services through its deep space penetration. Remember, sending data through space is as complicated as the space travel program. An attempt has been made by using a new technology wherein American astronaut Scott Kelly could send Instagram images of Earth. Perhaps, days are not far that this new technology will enable Mars inhabitants Elon Musk and Richard Branson to tweet from their new homes from the Red Planet. These are the latest developments that make life easy and stress-free.